Sucker Head – 10 Th Agresi (1999) [Compilation]

Band: Sucker Head (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Album: 10 Th Agresi (1999) [Compilation]
Genre: Trash Metal

Track Listing:
01. Agresi (Single)
02. Antipati (Single)
03. Pegawai Negeri (Single)
04. Paranatural (Album Paranatural)
05. Lullaby Of Death (Album Paranatural)
06. Perang (Album Paranatural)
07. Butcher’s Soul (Album The Head Sucker)
08. Catatan Terakhir (Album The Head Sucker)
09. (Mario) Budak Industri (Album The Head Sucker)
10. Blinded By The Light (Album The Head Sucker)
11. Matahari Tak Bersinar (Album Manik Depresi)
12. Manik Depresi (Album Manik Depresi)
13. Going Now (Album Manik Depresi)
14. Bosan (Album Manik Depresi)

Quality: mp3 / 128 Kbps / 44,1 KHz / Joint Stereo
File Size: 56,7 MB


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