Firehouse – The Best Of (1998)

Band: Firehouse (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)
Album: The Best Of (1998) [Compilation]
Genre(s): Hard Rock, Glam Metal
Current Members:
1. C.J. Snare – Vocals, Keyboards
2. Bill Leverty – Guitars
3. Michael Foster – Drums
4 Perry Richardson – Bass Guitar

Track Listing:
01. I Live My Life For You
02. Love Of A Lifetime
03. Here For You
04. In Your Perfect World
05. Love Is A Dangerous Thing
06. Seven Bridges Road
07. Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool
08. All She Wrote
09. You Are My Religion
10. When I Look Into Your Eyes
11. No One At All
12. Love Don’t Care
13. Hold Your Fire
14. Sleeping With You
15. Don’t Treat Me Bad (Live)
16. Reach For The Sky (Live)
17. Love Of A Lifetime (Extremely Acoustic Version)
18. Christmas With You (Bonus Track)

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