The Strokes – First Impressions Of Earth (2006)

First Impressions of Earth is the third album by the American rock band The Strokes. It was released in January 2006, having been preceded by lead single “Juicebox” some weeks earlier. It is also the first album by The Strokes to have a Parental Advisory Label.

Band: The Strokes (New York City, New York, USA)
Album: First Impressions Of Earth (2006)
Genre(s): Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Garage Rock Revival, Post Punk Revival

Track Listing:
1. You Only Live Once
2. Juicebox
3. Heart In A Cage
4. Razorblade
5. On The Other Side
6. Vision Of Division
7. Ask Me Anything
8. Electricityscape
9. Killing Lies
10. Fear Of Sleep
11. 15 Minutes
12. Ize Of The World
13. Evening Sun
14. Red Light

Quality: mp3 / 192 Kbps / 2 Channel / Joint Stereo
File Size: 69,77 MB



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